Oyster 56

Design number: 110 Year: 1996

The Oyster 56 is a serious sea-going yacht proven over many thousands of miles and with an established track record as one of the most successful yachts in Oyster’s history. Many live-aboard owners confirm that she is easily handled by just two crew members but is spacious enough for six to eight people to cruise in comfort. The single wheel helm aft has winches close to hand, so she can be sailed short-handed if necessary.

With this model, our mission was to design a world-class cruising yacht that would epitomise the features of the Oyster heritage and evolve them to create an ocean-going yacht which appeals to blue water cruising enthusiasts. The Humphreys team uses extensive tank testing when designing our racing yachts and the concept of the 56’s keel has benefited from this experience. Her stylish, well-balanced profile and generous sail area make the best use of the yacht’s stability due to the low centre of gravity bulb keel.

In designing the cockpit of the Oyster 56 — a focal point of its design — we commissioned professional ergonomic studies from the University of Loughborough’s Department of Ergonomics. The result sets new standards in comfort, seaworthiness and safety both at sea and in harbour, and makes for relaxed entertaining and socialising.

The Oyster 56 features a sloop rig with fully battened mainsail, a walk-in machinery room alongside the 160hp engine and each individual vessel is configured to match her owner’s priorities and requirements.

Oyster 56 1
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