Oyster 62

Design number: 124 Year: 1999

The Oyster 62 features one of the safest, most family-friendly cockpits in a yacht of this size, with twin wheels creating an ideal helming position during sailing, whether from the windward or leeward side. With its fixed centreline table the 62’s ergonomically designed cockpit provides practical space, accessibility and comfort.

Owners can expect to get in excess of 200-mile days of full cruising from the Oyster 62 under sail or power. The waterline length of almost 55 feet and clean hull profile translate into impressive boat speed; even in light breezes this yacht is sensitive and responsive, yet reassuringly stable with her bulb keel providing a low centre of gravity.

The Oyster 62 has attained many successes in races and regattas. One won her class in the ARC and was first to finish in all cruising classes with 178 yachts astern. She 62 averaged 10 knots over 1900 miles during the ARC and at the Antigua Sailing week she won all five races in Cruising Class 1.

The 62 is fast but also easy to handle and very comfortable. She is available with either a four or five cabin arrangement, with up to three shower compartments, so she offers a package of accommodation and features that compare favourably with many much larger yachts. The owner’s suite has its own companionway for private deck access which also provides a welcome extra source of ventilation.

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