Naval Architecture

Sound Naval Architecture is at the heart of everything we do, whether it be for sail or power. We have proven, vast experience in both disciplines.

We start with your objective. Be it winning regattas, circumnavigating the globe efficiently and comfortably, or owning a rugged but efficient long-range motor yacht. Then we analyse the characteristics required and refine towards the optimum solution, using advanced Computational Fluid Dynamic software and complex hydrostatic and hydrodynamic analysis, complemented by our own intuition and experience.


Exterior Styling

We like to see ourselves as a foil that interprets and translates an owner’s aspirations into a cohesive and harmonious reality.  We are more form-and-function than gratuitous decoration, with each element properly considered with regard to purpose, general appearance, ergonomics and sea-kindliness.

All projects see us work in 3D visualisation early in the design process. Not only to help us develop a project’s look and feel, but to keep owners fully involved in the creative process. Our art-meets-science approach allows for true transparency and cohesion.


We consider our clients’ requirements and do whatever we need to do to meet those, using the very best of cutting-edge techniques or tried-and-tested approaches. And if we hit on particular problems where solutions are elusive then we tackle them from first principles. Innovation is as inherent to our approach as our 40-plus years of multi-generational experience. 


Interior Design

We work with numerous Interior Design studios and enjoy very productive and successful relationships. But whilst we do not seek to compete with these design practices we do have a strong in-house capability for any client who wants to work with a one-stop shop. We are past-masters at developing interior General Arrangements and are very comfortable also when asked to step beyond this spatial engineering and develop the look and feel of an interior. We seek to understand our owners’ general preferences and then work up themes with mood boards, interior renderings and ultimately joinery and fit-out details.

See more information on our interior projects: Interior Design

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