Southerly 49

Design number: Year: 2008

The design brief was very specific – to build a powerful, sleek and stunning yacht, with blue water cruising capabilities, for continuous long distance sailing, around the world. Shallow draft was an essential feature. The ‘easy to handle’ sailing characteristics of the Southerly 42RST were necessary, but on a longer waterline length for fast ocean passage making.

Humphreys Yacht Design was responsible for the design of the hull, rig, keel and sail plan. This blue water cruiser offers the latest thinking in cruising yacht design. The hull is characterised by a long waterline, fine entry and beam carried aft to ensure the highest degree of performance, stability and safety. The Southerly 49 is primarily designed for a high cruising specification, with easy handling, and can be sailed by just two people.

As with all Southerly’s, the semi balanced twin rudders give instantly responsive steering and precise directional stability.

For more information please visit the Northshore website.

S49 saloon
S49.01 copy
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