Design number: 28 Year: 1980

Paul Gatrill’s Scorpio was built more or less concurrently with Glafki III, with the primary intention of competing in the 1981 Half Ton Cup. She finished top British boat in the series, but her most successful racing seemed to come later. We have gaps in our documentation, but we do know that in the 1984-86 period she returned the following impressive results:

1st class Round the Island Race 1984
1st overall RORC Morgan Cup 1984
1st British Half Ton trials, offshore race 1984
1st Solent Points Class III 1985
1st overall Cowes-Fecamp 1986
1st overall Cowes-Deauville 1986
1st overall Cowes-Weymouth 1986
1st class Round the Island Race1986
1st overall Junior Offshore Group season’s championship 1986

Scorpio was a similar displacement to Glafki III, but was slightly longer and endowed with a little less sail area, a recipe intended to give better all-round capability for typical UK conditions.

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