Scenario Act Two

Design number: 37 Year: 1982

While competing in ISORA Race Week on Highwayman in Abersoch in 1982 one of the races was postponed for complete lack of wind, and very shortly a then fashionable sunflower raft was formed, counting almost a hundred boats in circular pattern. In such unusual social gatherings many choose to go walkabout and it was in this circumstance that Rob Humphreys met the late Alan Fittion, then the owner of the Nicholson 33 Scenario. Fitton told Humphreys that he was thinking of a new Three Quarter Tonner and was eager to hear about Roller Skate. It wasn’t long after that Humphreys was commissioned to design Scenario Act Two, a boat in very much the same spirit as Roller Skate but a little further refined in performance terms.

Scenario Act Two was an active campaigner and enjoyed a long string of results, only some of which we find were filed away. Among these were 1st in Class II in the Scottish Tomatin Series in 1984 and second in the RORC Class IV season’s points in 1985.

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