Design number: 34 Year: 1982

Norwegians are renowned for projects, and summer houses come high on the list. Boat building also rates highly, and the Nessy Half Tonner for Nesmar was a fascinating project, designed as it was for a consortium of self-build owners.

The boat was properly tooled in an organised and professional way, with all the owners investing their own time for the collective good. The building premises even had a bunk house while long periods were spent working away. What happened to the divorce statistics in Norway in the early Eighties we cannot tell you, nor, unfortunately can we relay very much in the way of results information. To our knowledge only one boat found its way out of Scandinavia, Richard Oxley’s Spirit which he moulded in Norway with David Blatchford (builder of Countdown) and shipped back to Britain to fit out. Oxley’s 1986 season was a productive one, with the following haul:

1st Class V RORC Channel Race
1st Class V RORC Season’s Championship
2nd overall Class 3 Solent Points Late Series

Over twenty Nessy Half Tonners were built altogether.

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