Contessa 27

Design number: 45 Year: 1984

The Contessa 27 was an immediate follow-on project from the Contessa 33, and was designed as what was once termed a pocket cruiser. Designed with built-in buoyancy behind a complete internal liner, the 27 was available in fixed keel and lifting keel form.

In what had by now become something of a tradition for Humphreys, the 27 was a wolf in sheep’s clothing and was very much a pot-hunter in her day. A well-balanced boat conceived to be easy to sail short-handed, she was one of the earliest production boats to feature a self-tacking, non-overlapping headsail as standard.

Although Contessa Yachts had a strong order book with the 27, the company had other problems and went into receivership. The moulds of the 27 were acquired by MG Yachts of Scotland, who built a further thirty or so of these boats before shipping the production to Northshore.

Among the best campaigned boats Jim McGregor with Flair was first in the Channel Handicap Class in the 1986 Round the Island race and also the winner of Poole’s Winter- and Spring-Series.

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