100-metre Concept

Design number: Year: 2010

This stunning megayacht under development at Humphreys Yacht Design is the largest project undertaken by the studio to-date. This will be a megayacht in every sense of the word, providing the ultimate in luxury and relaxation for the owner and guests. HYD has incorporated a host of features to make a stay on board this yacht a truly unforgettable experience, and introduced details that provide options to satisfy every taste.

While being truly distinctive above the waterline, one of the most remarkable features of the yacht is invisible to those on the surface. An atrium running through the heart of the vessel will at its lowest level offer guests stunning views out on to the underwater world surrounding them. For those who prefer not to take to the water themselves with scuba tanks or snorkels the Sea Lounge allows them the opportunity to enjoy the wonders of the submarine environment in comfort and perfect safety.

From the swirling blues and greens of the underwater Sea Lounge the owner and guests can quickly rise through the yacht to the sunshine and fresh air of the Sky Lounge, a striking glass structure on the top deck. An area devoted to sun-worshippers, even in the high latitudes where air temperatures make a conventional flybridge somewhat redundant, this luxurious relaxation area will be fitted with photo-chromatic glass that can either be rolled back at the touch of a button, or adjusted to control the amount of sunshine and UV admitted.

Additional refinements include the incorporation of a Beach Zone at the stern of the craft, giving easy access both directly to the water and to the comprehensive range of recreational facilities and open boats. The Beach Zone will also include a bar and barbeque area adjacent to the water’s edge. A movable internal watertight bulkhead has been incorporated to ensure that the area can be safely sealed off when the yacht is at sea or in rough conditions.

Finally, guests seeking a little more peace and quiet will find that all their needs are taken care of in the privacy of their own suites. In addition to every contemporary refinement each suite has its own private, recessed terrace, allowing continual access to sunshine and fresh air without the necessity of joining fellow guests in the communal areas. The nearly circular owner’s suite will from its commanding position on the upper deck allow panoramic 320-degree views.

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