Southerly 110

Design number: Year: 1999

Northshore commissioned the Humphreys team to design the popular Southerly 110, a 35’6” variable draught cruising yacht which embodies the established features of the range. The hull and rig of the 110 incorporate the latest in HYD’s design thinking which has evolved over many years of experience.

The Southerly 110 sets high standards of performance versatility and good looks for a yacht in this class, and appeals to family and cruising yachtsmen equally. Like other models in the series, she has the signature Southerly swing keel which broadens her sailing opportunities immensely, as she can explore shallow waters with the keel raised but still make confident passage in high seas with the keel lowered to its maximum draught of 2.18m.

On board, the aft cockpit, plumb bow line and twin rudder configuration combine with an impressive sail plan to make this yacht exhilarating to sail. The single-wheel direct steering with twin rudder arrangement offers instantly responsive helming and she is easily managed by a crew of just two. When the wind increases and gusts attempt to push her off course, the hull form and swing keel enable her to embrace the elements in her canvas while the twin rudders give good directional stability and control. In fact, the Southerly 110 is so light on the helm she can sail herself much of the time.

Below decks is an attractive interior arrangement: a large double cabin aft and a triple bunk berth in the bows. The centrepiece is a spacious galley and dining area which provides a cosy and comfortable area for on-board socialising.

For more information please visit the Northshore website.

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