Orca 40 (Class 40)

Design number: Year: 2008

The first Humphreys design to the Class 40 box rule is the Orca 40 series built by Ocean Tec in Slovenia. The design is available in two versions – performance racing (optimised to hit Class 40 minimum weight and maximum righting moment) and an interchangeable standard racing / fast cruising version (with removable, modular interior units).

The Orca Class 40 has been engineered by Applied Structural Analysis Ltd (ASTA) and is built using a 3D infusion process, resulting in an extremely robust, yet lightweight structure. While competitively priced in line with several production Class 40s, the Orca 40 is very much a semi custom design. There are a wide range of customisable options with each new boat, including fixed or articulating bow sprit, deck layout and geometry (including central pod and pit winch, central mainsheet pod and winch, etc).

Please click here to visit the Ocean Tec website. If you have any further questions please contact HYD.

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Orca 40 sailing trials 6
Orca 40 sailing trials 16
Orca 40 sailing trials
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