Design number: 54 Year: 1984

The name Megalopolis needs some explaining. She was designed for the late Urban Taylor, and the name is a play on his Christian name (urban sprawl – megalopolis). Urban was a very experienced Irish Sea sailor and originally a dinghy sailor of great proficiency. His previous boat was the Farr One Tonner Prospect of Puffin.

Although by this time the One Ton rating band was on the move from 27.5ft IOR to 30.5ft, Urban liked the size of the old One Tonners and Megalopolis was designed more for Irish Sea sailing than round-the-cans events, with emphasis on fetching and reaching speeds.

Designed at pretty much the same time as Jade she had the same keel form (dubbed the MME keel – Micky Mouse’s ear) and indeed showed great flashes of speed.

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