Elan 45

Design number: 126 Year: 1999

The deck layout of the 45 reflects many years of designing, building and sailing experience that the Humphreys team has accumulated. Her clean deck is equipped with top quality hardware, while the ergonomically-designed cockpit guarantees comfort for both crew and skipper. The Elan 45 features a twin wheel steering system, which offers both an ideal position for the helmsman and good forward vision from the side deck, plus excellent access to the well thought-out bathing platform. Elan 45 has a large cockpit with wide, comfortable, almost flat coamings, wide side decks and a generous foredeck. The crew can sit out on the wide coamings, or stay comfortable and dry in the cockpit seating area.

The concept of the Elan 45 is to offer five different layouts to choose from based on the same hull: two different choices for the bow section, stern section and deck. All this, together with the availability of custom-built solutions, enables the 45 to perform in harmony with the individual character of each owner and his design preferences. Her carefully calculated integral frame acts like a backbone to ensure that the hull can safely withstand the loads to which sailing yachts are subjected in all kinds of conditions.

E45 3
E45 1
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