Elan 333

Design number: 118 Year: 1998

The Elan 333 is a popular cruising or sailing yacht with all the hallmarks of the Elan pedigree: good handling for crew or family members and comfortable live-aboard accommodation. Her spacious cockpit is ideally-designed for short-handed crewing, with good quality deck hardware close to hand.

The Elan 333 has been designed with the racing sailor in mind and has been a good performer in her class at regattas around Europe and beyond. Robustly built, she can withstand the worst that the elements can throw at her, even at speed, and after a challenging day’s racing she provides a level of comfort below decks that is hard to find in this size of craft.

For the non-racing owner, the 333 is a pleasure yacht with a capability for adventure and exploration that is hard to resist. Spacious enough to accommodate a small family, this model of Elan is easily handled by an experienced or apprentice crew, and young children can sit safely in the well of the cockpit if conditions require it. A fine all-round player, the Elan 333 is well-balanced and good-natured.

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