Elan 31

Design number: 134 Year: 2001

The Elan 31 is a popular yacht which is fast in light winds but also highly capable and easy to handle in more challenging conditions. The versatility of the 31 is equally important to the cruising family as it is to the race crew. The cruising family feels more in control and gains confidence in themselves and the boat. The more experienced owner will find that despite being a comfortable cruiser with a nice interior, the boat can still win races.

Built with an optimised keel, tall rig and high quality deck gear, the Elan 31 provides a total package which gives the owner and crew a rewarding sail. Powerful winches and extensive use of ball-bearing blocks makes for easy handling while the ergonomically-shaped cockpit is comfortable for cruising as well as racing.

Below deck the interior is laid out to feature a number of practical and comfortable solutions combined with fine craftsmanship. The deep heavy keel complements a well-balanced hull to ensure high stability and good control, even in adverse conditions.


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