Design number: 56 Year: 1985

The next major Ton Cup event for the Humphreys office after the One Ton Cup success in 1985 was the Three Quarter Ton Cup, again held in the UK.

Robert Bottomley, previously the owner of the Humphreys-designed Zephyros, commissioned Decosol Car-Care, and shortly afterwards Rodney Arnold commissioned Showdown. In the interests of economy of scale both boats were built to the same base design, with the decks for both boats built by Steve Etheridge, as was Decosol’s hull. Showdown’s hull was built by … in strip-planked Western Red Cedar as compared with Decosol’s Kevlar/glass/epoxy sandwich.

The final weight difference between the two was minimal, although on the day Decosol did perform best with a third place in the Three Quarter Ton worlds.

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