C-boat 15 metre

Design number: Year: 2011

The C-boat 15 metre design is a high performance motor yacht, built in prepreg carbon/nomex sandwich construction using highly sophisticated female tooling. With twin Yanmar 6SY-720hp diesel engines, ZF325-1 transmission, Jaure Lamidisc 228-6 intermediate shafts and Kamewa A32 waterjets, the C-15 has a top speed in excess of 50 knots. A highly sophisticated design process drew on the HYD office’s extensive knowledge and experience of high performance jet powered motor yachts and incorporated 1:6 scale tank testing at the Qinetiq testing facility as well Rans CFD investigation. 

The tank testing program incorporated calm water resistance tests over a range of speeds from 8-55 knots as well as sea keeping tests into head seas of differing wave spectra. Free-running model tests were later undertaken on the final configuration to investigate manoeuvrability and directional stability in calm water and waves. Rans CFD calculations were performed in conjunction with the wind shield design as well as to verify deck geometry aero-drag.For more information please visit the C-boat website by clicking here.

C Boat 15 Metre 3
C Boat 15 Metre 2
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