75-metre Concept

Design number: Year: 2008

The HYD team continually reviews the latest developments in energy conservation systems and techniques that can be applied to large, energy-intensive motoryachts, and recently used their findings to create a widely-reviewed 75-metre motoryacht concept.

Heating and cooling processes that use natural convection were just one solution that HYD integrated into the conceptual study, with conventional air-conditioning replaced by cool air at sea-level being drawn in through vents by the natural drop in interior atmospheric pressure caused by warm air being vented at the top of the superstructure. Louvers are used to regulate the amount of sunshine allowed to enter the interior, as well as provide adjustable levels of shelter and privacy.

In a similar way, the interaction with the yacht’s environment extends to visual linkage. The owner’s stateroom, for example, features a pair of forward-facing viewing wings at the bow, allowing the owner to see from his private enclave what the dolphins are up to on the bow wave. This gives the owner an unique intimacy with the sea, while bad weather protection is assured by rotating the structural eyelid into position to close off the substantial glazing.

The 75m has also been developed to permit the SkySails wind propulsion system to be used for slow speed, perfectly quiet operation in appropriate conditions.

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