Words from the skipper of Lush

— 25 Mar 2014

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Oyster 885-01 Lush (Mike Jones)

Lush – An Outstanding Design!

Picture this, the night is black, we are thousands of miles from the nearest land and it’s blowing a consistent 40 knots with 30’ seas rolling underneath us! As I look at the log and I see 12.5 knots constant I am reassured in the knowledge that the yacht beneath me is designed to take good care of us.

Lush, the first Oyster 885 built has sailed 28,000 nautical miles. She has safely sailed through 4 oceans and circumnavigated the planet encountering all manner of weather & sea conditions.

I am privileged to be LUSH’s skipper and every mile that has slipped under her keel has been a true pleasure to sail.

From light weather where her powerful sail plan combines with her easily driven hull allows her to generate apparent quickly and sail into double figures effortlessly!

When the wind is up and blowing hard with massive sea’s her twin rudders come into their own giving her superb directional stability allowing for easy steering by hand or pilot.

When we launch her massive asymmetric spinnaker, she quite simply takes off and sits at 11 knots with surfs of 16, 17, 18 knots common place! Our world speed record still stands at 22 knots with just 3 reefs in her main and a scrap of headsail poled out!

To be an Oyster means quality at every stage of the yachts design & construction and this clearly shows but more than this as a sailor you feel it deep inside when you take her wheel and sheet in and let her carry you across an ocean!

Rob has designed an absolute first class yacht and Rob I want to thank –you for your commitment to excellence. I have sailed for 34 years and sailed professionally for 19 encountering all types of yachts and I have to say that LUSH is by far the most outstanding performance cruising yacht I have ever sailed!

To realise a life-long dream of sailing around the world is one thing, to do it onboard LUSH is quite another! When you’re on watch in the middle of an ocean with the wind rising quickly and massive ocean waves passing you by, what keeps you safe and sailing fast is Rob’s experience, knowledge & commitment to design outstanding yachts.

Paul Adamson

Skipper Oyster 885 -01 “LUSH”

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