Wind Assisted Cargo Ships - Smart Green Shipping

— 10 Sep 2021

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With the recent IPCC report on climate change and the upcoming COP26 conference, making lasting sustainable changes has never been more important or more widely supported. The use of wind energy to supplement cargo vessels has been under discussion for some time (HYD’s involvement goes back over 15 years) and as the group naval architects for Smart Green Shipping, HYD recently visited Barrow in Furness to assess the retrofit potential of a ship that could herald SGSA’s industrialised wing-rig development.


As a firm of yacht designers the HYD team have often spent time in Cowes, Palma, Monaco, Auckland and the like, but Rob and Tom have also been seen donning flat hats and protective boots in Hull Docks, Liverpool Docks and now Barrow-in-Furness!

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