Welcome to our new website

— 01 Jun 2009

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We have completely rebuilt our website to reflect all the development that has been going on at the Humphreys studio, and hopefully its format and architecture gives us a better platform to serve our future needs. It has meant a great deal of in-house work but we are grateful too for the help provided by Matt Johnson of Clearline Communications, and for the site architecture by Tinstar Design and Loop 360. It has been an ambitious project with everything else that has been going on but we hope its clean and clear design reflects all that we are about in our yacht design activites.

We have also moved office this year, so on two levels we have made big steps. It might be argued that a period of global recession is not the best time to pursue such activities, but conversely some will have it that such a time is the very best time. While it is imprudent to try to foretell what the future holds, all we can say is that our order book remains high and at the moment still growing despite the climate. One would like to think that in a sport driven by passion we – as a studio driven by passion – are still tapping into a seam of significant interest, and that our experience through the diversity of our portfolio is a trigger for this activity.

A major feature of our new website is the parallel access it gives to our new Brokerage section, a powerful window on a world of Humphreys designs that are available for sale in the various corners of the world. As a very pro-active design office we tend to be a bit of a communication hub for many owners of these boats; in fact such is the passion and enthusiasm within the office that our new Brokerage division has been asked to list boats that are not even our own designs.

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