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— 27 Jun 2012

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A happy Elan 333 owner! (Paolo Bonsignore)

Hello Rob,

I am the happy owner of an Elan 333 with which I sailed with my family in Croatia and I took part in some regattas. Today I’m the VERY happy owner of that Elan 333!

We have just won the Lombardini Cup 200 Miglia (, a very nice 200 miles off shore regata in Caorle (Venice). We won in our class and overall.

This “thank you email” is because we were surprised by a Gale Force storm and we kept sailing with winds of 40 knots and gusts of over 60 knots for more than 14 hours, till we crossed the finish line. Waves reached 5 metres height, from starboard.

The boat was amazing: super stable, predictable, dry, never a moment where we felt unsecure, never a moment where we had to do some emergency manouvre because of some wave. Impressive, really. Out of 60 boats that partecipated, only 10 finished the regatta. we were the smallest boat!

We mostly sailed with 2 reefs to the main and a very reduced genoa.

Then, over 45 knots, we closed the mainsail and we only kept the reduced genoa, reaching the top speed of 11.5 knots.

Thank you for having designed such a great boat! The whole crew really appreciated it a lot.

Kind Regards,
Paolo Bonsignore

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