Smart Green Shipping at COP 26

— 26 Nov 2021


Smart Green Shipping (SGS) was in Glasgow for the COP26 climate conference. The main purpose of going was to progress the HYD FastRigsTM designs which rapidly and significantly reduce emissions from global shipping. Working alongside our marine engineers, Malin, located on the Clyde, adjacent to the COP HQ, Malin hosted the Lord Mayor of the City of London and held a series of conferences for senior politicians, leaders from international shipping and offshore wind energy.

Whilst there we received plenty of interest in our technology showing this film about how the automated, intelligent, retractable, recyclable wingsails work. Diane Gilpin, who leads SGS, won the International Windship Association’s ‘Outstanding Achievement’ Award and very promising conversations with investors were progressed. We aim to have the funding complete by 31 January 2022.

The Society of Maritime Industries has submitted written evidence to Parliament which includes: Wind is arguably the best current technology capable of making a significant impact on shipping’s carbon footprint in the next decade.


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