ON THE DRAWING BOARD: 100m Motor Yacht

— 18 Jul 2005

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Currently under development at Humphreys Yacht Design is an exciting 100 metre, ultra-modern motor yacht featuring a range of innovative concepts. Based upon a Humphreys trademark easily driven hull shape and with decidedly ‘hi-tech’ styling, this design provides the ultimate in luxurious yachting while maximising access to the open air at all deck levels.

To allow guests the opportunity to enjoy the open air away from the communal area was an important consideration, and the result is that each guest suite has its own private, recessed terrace that adds both variety and seclusion aboard this sizeable vessel. For the ultimate in all-round views, the circular aspect of the bridge and owner’s stateroom allow panoramic 320-degree vistas.

For those guests wishing to get closer to the water, Humphreys have designed a self-contained ‘beach’ zone at the stern; a spacious, climatically-controlled area at waterline level that can be opened up at the touch of a button. The ‘beach’ includes a bar, barbeque and easy access to recreational facilities, while an internal watertight bulkhead guarantees the integrity of the area in all conditions.

For those who wish to enjoy their sunshine away from the water’s edge a striking glass structure has been mounted on the top deck. Photo-chromatic glass allows those inside the spacious Sky Lounge to control the amount of sunshine that enters this luxurious relaxation dome, and glass panels can be opened to allow direct exposure to the air outside.

Perhaps the most striking feature of all aboard this unique megayacht will be not above the waterline, but below it. At the lowest level of the massive central atrium that extends the depth of the yacht will be the Sea Lounge; an underwater observation lounge with armoured glass windows that will give guests the most stunning views of the ocean environment and sea life outside the hull. This thrilling addition to the pleasures of blue water cruising is possible through the naval architecture expertise of Humphreys Yacht Design and their use of the latest modelling and testing techniques. With the Sea Lounge, internal and external closures will be built-in to protect the glass panels against external hazards.

The largest vessel to date from the Humphreys design team, this 100 metre Motor Yacht will be a striking addition to the world megayacht fleet.

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