Humphreys Brokerage launched

— 01 Jun 2009

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Paul Kelly reviews some archive drawings with Rob Humphreys

We are pleased to announce the launch of Humphreys Brokerage Ltd, a serious marketplace headed by Paul Kelly who is an experienced yacht broker and member of ABYA, the Association of Brokers and Yacht Agents. Paul is a very accomplished sailor and is especially familiar with Humphreys designs, having skippered Team Save the Children in the Global Challenge Race of 2004-05. Paul joined us six months ago and has been working on the genesis of this new division.

With over three thousand boats to our design on the water, it is perhaps not surprising that over the years we have taken a great number of enquiries from owners and prospective owners of these boats, seeking background information of some kind or another, perhaps information that was not available in the normal brokerage chain, and sometimes for very specific data such as polar diagrams and hydrostatic data. We retain an extensive archive and it was only a matter of time before we would become better able to improve our service and support in this area, and Humphreys Brokerage Ltd has been set up as an active hub for the sale and purchase of our designs.

The Design and Brokerage businesses share the same roof at our new Middle Barn office, so Paul has direct access to the Designers whenever he needs. The studio is a cauldron of yachting enthusiasm, and already this passion seems to have drawn requests to offer brokerage listings for some designs that are not even of our original creation.

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