Freedom for Vaquita

— 26 Nov 2013

timthumb v54

Vaquita into the SE Trades

It has been a difficult few days for Vaquita, having been firmly swallowed up by the Doldrums, while boats to the east of her were able to wriggle past and extend as they made first contact with the SE Trade Winds. Having dropped from 4th to 10th in the process, Vaquita has since climbed back to 8th with the crew in good spirits.

Below is the latest from Andreas’ blog:

Yesterday evening at 2315 UTC the doldrums have let Vaquita out of their iron grip. The crew is well and full of fighting spirit. Under Code 0 and full main Vaquita is hunting the yachts she had previously left behind. 2000 miles to Itajai, the first thousand a speed race, the second thousand probably more tactical still hold lots of opportunities.

Cheers from Vaquita


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