Eddie Jordan reflects on his sailing experience

— 25 Mar 2014

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Eddie Jordan helming his Oyster 885 'Lush'

One of the great things about designing boats is the friends one makes in the process, with most owners sharing the same passion for the sea as we have. We have been lucky over the years in developing some enduring relationships, and some have had a sequence of boats from us. Eddie Jordan, Formula One legend, has now had three designs from us – an Elan 450, an Oyster 655 and most recently an Oyster 885 (in fact the first-in-class 885, displaying a much appreciated act of faith).

To say ‘Eddie Jordan’ and ‘fast track’ in the same sentence is appropriate not just because the track has been the platform of his career but because of the incredibly short time it has taken him to elevate himself to that rare breed of the circumnavigator. Only a few weeks ago ‘Lush’ sailed back into the Caribbean after participating in the immensely successful Oyster World Rally.

It was a thrill, if a little humbling, to hear his reflections on his sailing experiences to date, in the videoclip here.

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