Celebrating Oyster's 50th Year

— 23 Nov 2023

Oyster Profile Sketch Comparison 56v565

Oyster Yachts has been enjoying its 50th anniversary this year, and as the time of year draws many of its boats to warmer climes in almost migratory fashion we would like to congratulate Oyster for its fantastic half-century, for creating a brand and family of ownership that has been quite unique. 

This milestone year saw the one-hundredth Oyster complete its circumnavigation, a testament to their blue water credentials and a significant reflection of a statistic we were once told, that only about 25% of Oysters have permanent moorings - most are actively on the move and doing what they were meant for. 

For us at Humphreys Yacht Design it has been a thrill for a quarter of a century to have stood alongside Oyster in seamless and developing collaboration, in which our own core ethos has been a great fit with Oyster’s, sharing as we do the same aspiration towards reassuringly comfortable, seamanlike and capable qualities that are unbounded by any horizon.

Our voyage together started with the Oyster 56 commissioned by Richard Matthews, and continued through over 20 models to the latest, the 495 commissioned by Richard Hadida - winner earlier this year of the European Yacht of the Year. Both these boats secured over ten orders before the first in class was launched, and while design detail continues to evolve the fleet has, and will, continue to aspire to that globe-girdling capability. As an office we have often described an Oyster as one of few vessels that could, at a moment’s notice and a few supermarket trolley-fills, embark on an ocean crossing. 

It is a joy and a privilege to be a part the Oyster family . So congratulations to Oyster Yachts, and best wishes for many more circumnavigations in the future.

Oyster 56 - the first of HYD's designs for Oyster

Oyster 495 - Winner of the European Yacht of the Year Award 2023 - Luxury Cruiser

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