SGS announces £5m investment into FastRig wing sail technology

— 02 Aug 2022

youtube winds of change screenshot

There are exciting times ahead for HYD as the Naval Architects for Smart Green Shipping. A journey which started for us in 2009 has been one of collaboration looking into the power of possibilities, which all evolved from HYD’s involvement the BT Global Challenge and is now ready to set sail with 100% renewable regenerative shipping.


“Giving up isn’t an option. We are facing an emergency and we are involved in the greatest race we have ever been involved in and we all need a racing mindset now,” Diane Gilpin CEO and Founder of Smart Green Shipping.


Watch funding announcement which took place yesterday in Dumfries, Scotland where officially Smart Green Shipping – Winds of change was launched

Smart Green Shipping – Winds of change launch - Video

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