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Arksen, a technology and innovation company, are building the most capable and efficient explorer vessels of their kind.

Developed from a desire to push boundaries of what is possible and inspired by the stories of the worlds greatest explorers, Arksen are developing, building and supporting semi autonomous, hybrid explorer vessels, designed from the ground up to have the least impact on the environment and take adventurers to the most inaccessible corners of the worlds oceans.

After a year of planning, a key milestone was announced: a partnership with Europe’s leading high speed craft and aluminium ship builder Wight Shipyard Co., based on Britain’s Isle of Wight, appointed to develop the fleet of Arksen vessels.

Recognising the importance and value of the UK marine industry, Arksen also announced that they are working with world renowned naval architects Humphreys Yacht Design, based in Lymington, and award-winning Fareham based interior designers, Design Unlimited.