Oyster 595

Design number: 197 Year: 2018

Although it’s ultimately a subjective choice the 595 was conceived as the top end of what one might think of as the owner/driver range. She is a voluminous, powerful vessel but laid out in a way that a reasonably experienced owner would be able to handle without needing to rely on a professional crew.

That said, crew accommodation is provided for too and this versatility is likely to be an appealing feature for many owners, uncertain at the time of ordering whether they want to commit to running the boat themselves or to bring on help. It’s a flexibility that suits any uncertainty in terms of future ambitions, whether that is to take off around the world or to base oneself in a particular location.

In the words of Oyster

'The much-anticipated Oyster 595 fills an important gap in the Oyster fleet. Well-proportioned and extremely versatile, she offers exciting customised build options with no compromise. She has proven herself to be extremely popular pre-launch, with 12 sold off plan. With Oyster DNA running through her from stem to stern, she is capable of great things. Designed to be sailed effortlessly by two people, she has an impressive internal volume to easily accommodate family and friends for lazy cruising days in the sun. There is plenty of space to socialise in the cockpit, on the flush aft and foredecks, as well as an optional swim deck where everyone can join in the fun. With luxurious and comfortable interiors and the latest sailing technology, she is the ideal liveaboard yacht to take you around the globe with ease.'

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