Design number: 59 Year: 1986

Juno was a One Tonner designed for Michael Peacock to compete for a place in the 1987 British Admiral's Cup team, a position she managed to secure.

In fact she did more than that, she came away with the Fastnet Trophy for that year, skippered by Andrew Hurst who went on to own and edit Seahorse Magazine. This was our second Juno, the first being a heavily customised MGRS34, while the One Tonner was a development of world-championship winning Jade (winner of the 1985 One Ton Cup).

Like Jade she was built by Adrian Thompson in Totnes and was unusual in that she was built around an integrated hull-and-deck plug so that the normal weight of a hull/deck joint was obviated. The flip side of that extreme weight saving approach was that the plug had to be removed from the inside of the completed boat though the companionway hatch, piece by piece!

Juno I  2
Juno 3
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