Elan 37

Design number: 138 Year: 2002

The versatility of the Elan 37 results in a boat which is fast in light winds, but still capable of sailing at close to full speed even in adverse conditions. This capability of handling very different wind conditions, without an immediate adjustment of the sail area to keep the boat on her feet, is equally important to the cruising family as it is to the race crew. More experienced owners find that despite being a comfortable cruiser with a fine interior, the boat can still win races. An optimised keel, tall rig and high quality deck gear all combine to ensure the owner and crew experience a rewarding sail. Powerful winches and extensive use of ball-bearing blocks makes handling easy, while the ergonomically-shaped cockpit is comfortable for cruising as well as racing. The deep heavy keel combined with a well-balanced hull gives good stability and control, so that the helmsman and crew feel safe and in control, notwithstanding the prevailing conditions.

The Humphreys team gave Elan 37 a unique interior layout. Despite being a three-cabin yacht, she has a full-width saloon, generous galley and forward-facing chart table — features unprecedented in this class. The deck layout is equally suited to family cruising as well as racing. Care has been taken to ensure natural ergonomics for helmsman and crew; cockpit coamings are shaped to ensure that all sailing companions are comfortable and safe, while control lines are easily accessible and the wide diameter wheel makes steering a pleasure.


E37 Watski Two Star
E37 2
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