Design number: 37 Year: 1983

Sir Maurice Laing has played a very important part in British sailing, serving as Commodore of the Royal Ocean Racing Club in 1973-75 and the Admiral from 1976 to 1982. He also led the 1979 Fastnet Inquiry team.

He had been impressed by the performance of Roller Skate and Countdown, and it was a real privilege to be commissioned by him to design Bathsheba, to be built in Cowes by Lallows to replace his DB2 Three Quarter Tonner of the same name.

Sir Maurice has owned so many boats and achieved many successes over the years that his haul for Bathsheba has not been recorded. From the office files we do know that she was third in Class 3 in the 1984 Round the Island race, and in 1986 was series winnner of Cowes Week BLRA division, the Solent Points Championship BLRA division and also the Starlight Series. We believe she was also the series winner of Class 3 of the Solent Points championship.

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