Arksen 70

Design number: Year: 2019

The Arksen 70 has been optimised for efficiency in hull design, as have her larger sisterships, while retaining a vast amount of interior space to accommodate up to eight onboard whilst retaining the full beam master cabin.


The interiors are highly reconfigurable and designed to support leisure, research and commercial use. There is sufficient onboard storage for up to three months at sea.

Solar Capabilities

All Arksen vessels have extensive solar capabilities. The Arksen 85 solar array can be up to 8.1kW and solar only propulsion at low speeds.

Ark Control

Critical systems monitoring.

Autonomy Ready

Autonomy ready. We are working towards semi and fully autonomous vessels. In the future we expect to be able to work with our owners to have their vessels delivered to a given destination at a given time, allowing Arksen Mission Control to navigate the vessel at optimal speeds for the prevailing conditions.

Research & Sensors Onboard

Every Arksen vessel is fitted with a modular and flexible monitoring system to analyse the water quality continuously. These include a flow-through system, often seen on ferries, to automatically feedback data to institutions around the world to live track crucial water parameters.


All Arksen vessels are designed to offer sea kindliness, with a hull designed to offer true stability and options for three forms of stabilisation.


The diesel / electric propulsion option is one of four options available.

Recovery from capsize

The hull shape, stability curve and lack of a keel to allow the vessel to slide sideways to absorb wave energy makes the Arksen range extremely capable in big seas.

Long life service

Our vessels are designed for 50-year service life. Are recyclable at the end of life and are built using sustainable materials.

Exceptional hull efficiency

In a calm sea at 7 knts the power requirement for the Arksen 85 is just 12kw (the equivalent of 4 kettles).


Fast average cruising speeds of 11 to 12 knots.

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