Vaquita enters the Doldrums

— 21 Nov 2013

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Vaquita in action during the TJV Andreas, Hanakamp, segelwelt 2013

Below is the latest blog from Andreas and some great photos of Vaquita prior to entering the Doldrums.

If it ever rains that much on a single day in Austria as it does at the place I am right now, all sevenandahalf million souls would drown in just one day. Not even the best foulweather gear can withstand the onslaught of water.

No wonder nobody has set up a holiday resort here. Doldrums Cruise Liners would go bust before they even started. Whatever you grab is wet. Toiletpaper has disintegrated on the way from the roll to its destination. Even the flying fish refuse participation in the FFDO (Flying Fish Doldrums Open). Every little puff, the slightest change in light colour, a different cloud shape receives an interpretation of hope, getting drowned shortly after. The only spell that did work so far is setting up the kettle which is answered by a sudden violent gust out of nothing. Persitency will get us out of here, maybe, hopefully.


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