Oyster Regatta Palma

— 13 Oct 2022

Oyster Regatta IMG 3273
Rob has recently returned from the Oyster Yachts Regatta in Palma, always a great event. The three day programme was split into two round-the-can races on the first day, then a coastal race to Andratx on the second day, with a return passage on the final day.
Apart from the pleasure of being in amongst the Oyster fleet, Rob was particularly keen to sail on the new 495 which he did with Eddie Jordan on his new boat, Tuga, for the first two days, before sailing back to Palma with Richard Hadida on his 885 Lush.
Rob was delighted with the performance and general handling qualities of the 495, very quick upwind and just as sprightly downwind. Post-launch sailing trials are obviously important and helpful, but from a feedback perspective there is nothing like lining up with other boats. So from our point of view the Regatta was an especially good event.

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