Introducing the TEMPUS Class from HYD

— 17 Sep 2010

timthumb v77

Tempus 150 Sloop

Words cannot begin to flow on the TEMPUS class without first paying respect to the source of inspiration- the breathtaking J-Class which in just ten years of almost hyperactive development by legends of the sport gave us a fund of yachting imagery to feed every sailor’s soul.

Rob Humphreys was commissioned by the owner of Arkin Pruva Yachts to resurrect one of the J designs under the provisions of the current J-Class Association rules, staying true to the hull design of one of the eleven designs officially available for ‘development’. Work proceeds apace on this project and the accompanying research has been a source of great delight.

However, mixed in with the excitement of rediscovering lost values has come the realisation that a pure J is almost too compromised by its history to make it an ideal cruising yacht in today’s world. So the Tempus was born-spiritually close to its forebears but developed in a number of ways to make it more applicable to a modern lifestyle.

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