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The Tempus Class

The Tempus Class is a range of classically influenced yachts that draws inspiration from the great ‘J’ Class yachts of the Thirties. It incorporates the distinction and dignity of J-Class, together with the most up-to-the-minute technologies that enhance contemporary living and performance. Created by Humphreys Yacht Design and built by Arkin Pruva, The Tempus Class bears testimony to the designer’s obsessive eye and the artisan’s pure craft. To take to the water in her is to feel connected to the past, in harmony with the future and truly at one with the ocean.

For Arkin Pruva, the Tempus Class has been the ideal medium by which they have been able to demonstrate their pure craft: an obsession with the minutiae of the ship builder’s art that time has generally left behind. For Rob Humphreys, the design of the Tempus Class has been a truly reflective journey. A tribute, in many ways, to the energy and incredible resourcefulness of those revered designers of the Thirties, but executed using leading edge techniques.

By creating and building the Tempus Class, the craftsmen at Arkin Pruva shipyard and the team at Humphreys Yacht Design have dared to realize an ambition that is, quite simply, beyond most. A lifelong dream is now ready to take to the ocean.