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The small custom power boat commissions placed with the Humphreys studio have seldom been run-of-the-mill. Consistent with the office’s ability to work well from a clean sheet of paper many of these projects have been the product of lateral thought, of an ability to think outside the box. For example, taxed with the perennial problem of achieving decent tender capability for large sailing yacht Humphreys came up with a RIB that could be collapsed for storage, giving a yacht that might normally be limited to a 3.5m tender the benefits of a high performance and weight-efficient 5.4m RIB.

Similarly, when Workboats UK wanted a Garvey-style utility runabout essentially for Third World easy-build projects it chose Humphreys and its Prefix Build System, which Rob Humphreys had developed in collaboration with associate Jim Moore. Significant numbers of these boats have been built, in all corners of the world, and have often been used as school build-projects. The Humphreys office has also been commissioned to design derivatives, like an alloy fire-launch for the Thames Estuary.

The range of intellectual challenges continues, and a very exciting project currently in development is the all-carbon C12 – a fabulous project being built by raceboat legend Jason Carrington as a boat that will turn heads as readily as did the first Rivas. With a strength:weight regime that borders on aerospace intensity the C12 will really stand out in the crowd.