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A very exciting relationship has been developing between Kha Shing Enterprises and the Humphreys studio, with the latter brought in to create an impact on Kha Shing’s well-known Monte Fino range. Commissioned by the prolific Taiwanese shipyard in 2007 to begin the process of restyling their popular Monte Fino series of semi-custom motor yachts, Humphreys has gone on since to develop new hull lines for the company. The boats in question range in size from 76ft to over 100ft.

Monte Fino yachts have gained a fine reputation for their semi-bespoke, high quality boats which represent excellent investments, with real value achieved by a mix of low production costs and Kha Shing’s own production efficiency bred out of a serious level of experience. The Monte Fino line offers a high quality specification, ensuring that a finished boat comes extensively-equipped with everything needed for a safe and comfortable cruising experience.

The involvement of HYD in the re-design process began with remodelling the exterior styling and interior layout of the existing 76, but has since progressed into work on 86 and 100ft models. More recently the Humphreys office was commissioned to design a new hull line for the Monte Fino range, which will be used for boats between the mid-80s to just over 100ft overall, and a specifically environmentally-friendly, low-energy vessel is also under development.