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With the benefit of experience and design maturity, it was a logical step for the Humphreys office to accept commissions in the powerboat sector. The cornerstone of the Humphreys design ethos is efficiency, and that is a quality that applies to the power world just as it does to the sailing world. Indeed the mindset required for both is not so very different, and HYD’s production design experience accrued through years of developing numerous ranges of highly successful sailing yachts has been instrumental in providing a platform for the studio’s increasing activity in the production powerboat field.

With the same searching, analytical effort that characterises the office’s sail boat projects, the power portfolio comes underthe same intense scrutiny, with extensive tank testing and control and handling replication through radio control model testing. And just as the studio’s technical instinct is invigorated by such challenges, so too is the office’s creative drive, its appetite whetted by the freedom of the design space in this sector where style and function can have such exciting interplays.