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Interior Design Services

Humphreys Interior Design, headed by Jo Humphreys, works closely with clients to make the very best use of internal space, mindful of all aspects and functions of life on board. In general, initial effort goes in to trying to identify an underlying theme based on the client’s particular likes and dislikes, setting a direction for subsequent design proposals. The client is always at the heart of this development so that the final result is an expression of his and his family’s collective personality.

The nature of our interior work varies. Sometimes the tasks represent a complete interior design involvement, from initial General Arrangement development to subsequent detailing and fit-out, to bespoke customisation of an existing interior. Some high-end production boatbuilders are able to offer a semi-custom facility and we have worked with a number of Oyster owners, for example, to tailor the interior of their boats to their own specific needs and preferences.

An example of complete immersion in a task, from early planning through all stages of design and detailing, to finally specifying the galley utensils, is our high performance 37m motor yacht built by McMullen and Wing. The interior brief for this highly individual motor yacht was for a clean, uncluttered and almost utilitarian look, with colour introduced in the soft furnishings. As a base structure we specified a light paint washed ash veneer for the wall panels and the primary furniture components, giving the interior an expansive feel, and from that the detail and colour choices grew out of discussions with the client. For example, a large rug in the main saloon was selected early on by the client’s wife, and this subsequently drove the associated colours in that area. The client’s desire also for crisp, Caribbean colours was to inspire the subtle bridge between these two themes resulting in an interior that generates significant variety within a reasonably homogenous and integrated background.

Another interesting project completed recently is a major conversion of a 36m Norwegian supply ship finished in the Isle of Man. The interior was constructed within the ship’s empty shell, and the brief was for a contemporary twist to a traditional Nordic style, with muted, pale-painted wall panels and furniture, with checked and striped fabrics in dusky colours. We worked closely with the client, his wife and his project manager to achieve the look and functionality they required, and we designed all the furniture for the individual spaces, specified the loose furniture, floorings, the colours and fabrics for the soft furnishings, window treatments, etc.

We have worked on a number of bespoke Oyster projects over the year, working with clients wanting a more individualistic interior than those offered by the standard interior choices, operating within the bounds that made sense for Oyster’s schedules. One such project, an Oyster 655, needed a clean, contemporary style to accentuate a feeling of space and light. Use of maple for the streamlined furniture components and also cabin soles created a unique feeling of expansive space, and in the cabins themselves the use of painted bulkheads further inflated the feeling of space. The contemporary mood of the interior was further reinforced by the equipment fit-out, with brushed stainless steel used for galley splashbacks, grab rails, taps and arm-rests, door handles and custom made lights, with an interlinking knurling treatment on some of these components.