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Rob & Tom Humphreys Mike Jones
Some of the design tools utilised at HYD
Some of the design tools utilised at HYD

Humphreys Yacht Design is a family run naval architecture and yacht design business, with a heritage which spans over 40 years. The studio combines the latest in design technology with an experienced team of designers, and its performance pedigree underpins a technical expertise that few other design houses can match. Coupled with strong stylistic flair and an approach to designing yachts that places the clients’ wishes and aspirations first and foremost, the discernible theme that runs through all the studio’s projects is the combination of efficient, easily driven and seaworthy sail and motor yachts, overlaid with the distinctive aesthetic and functional requirements of the owner.

Rob Humphreys
Rob Humphreys founded Humphreys Yacht Design in 1972 and developed the company from its racing yacht roots into one of the leading international design studios, in terms of both sail and power. Reinforcing his Naval Architecture experience he has a degree in Industrial Design and has been product-oriented from day one.

Tom Humphreys B.Eng. C.Eng. FRINA
Tom, as a Director, not only represents a second generation but has given the company a big step up in terms of technical capability. With a First‐Class B.Eng. degree in Yacht and Powercraft Design, Tom adds an academic grounding to his own practical experience. Whether working in the sail or power sector, he ensures that the company’s conceptual base is strong and the detail execution to a very high standard. Tom is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow member of the Royal Institute of Naval Architects and has been a member of the RORC Technical Committee since 2012.