Harmony in her original colours

Like many Humphreys designs Harmony has had a long competitive shelf life. She was designed for Tony Allen (of Holt-Allen dinghy fame) and Mike Holmes, and subsequently sold to Peter Dyer, and later others who we will try to catch up with..

The Half Tonner was built by Priors in Burnham-on-Crouch, construction being cold-moulded wood glued and coated with epoxy resin in the WEST system method.

It is fair to say that she was a more sensitive boat to sail than Roller Coaster and it took the crew a few seasons to get to grips with her. The Holt-Allen group had produced their own spar and sails and they too had a learning curve to climb.

The best results were achieved after a few years, and in 1984, for example, she scored first in Class III of EAORA Week, 1st overall in the East Anglian Offshore Racing Association’s season championship, and class winner in Burnham Week. We do not have results recorded for either her earlier or later years, but she was a dominant force for a long period under the ownership of Peter Dyer.

Compared with Roller Coaster, Harmony offered little concession to cruising and in many ways was forerunner to a number of other successful Humphreys Half Tonners in the most competitive era of the IOR.

Below details the results achieved by Dyer.

Whirlwind Trophy 1st
Crouch Autumn Series 3rd

Spring Series (part-sailed) 2nd
Hydd Gwin Series 1st
Burnham Bowl 1st
Wednesday Points Class I 1st
Royal Wedding Trophy 1st
Sunday Points (part-sailed) 1st
EAORA Week Class III 2nd
EAORA Week overall 3rd
Burnham Week Class III 1st (5 guns)
Half Ton 1st
Euro. Ferries 1st
EAORA season
Thames Estuary Race 3rd (7th o’all)
Janes Cup 2nd (3rd o’all)
Walton Trophy 3rd (5th o’all)
Harwich-Ramsgate 1st (4th o’all)
Sunk Race 3rd (4th o’all)
Ramsgate-Ostend 1st (4th o’all)
Round the Goodwins 2nd (2nd o’all)
Houghton Cup 1st (1st o’all)
Ostend-Harwich 1st (2nd o’all)
BLRA Half Ton 1st
Int. Paints Level Rating 1st

Class III season place 1st
Overall season place 2nd

EAORA season
Thames Estuary Race 1st (1st o’all)
Janes Cup 1st (1st o’all)
JOG Cowes-Brighton 2nd
Brighton Cowes 1st
Half Ton worlds 1 x 3rd, 1 x 5th
Crouch Autumn Series 1st

Spi Ouest France (Olympic course) 1st
EDHEC La Rochelle Town Cup 1st
Irish Half Ton Cup (4 guns) 1st
Royal St.George YC 150th regatta 1st
Brixham – King George Vth regatta 1st
Rolls Royce Trophy 2nd
Torbay Admiral’s Cup 3rd
RORC Loujaine Cup Class III & 4 1st
Cowes – Household Cavalry 1st
Cowes Week (weekends only) 3 x 1st
Half Ton world championship 6th
Crouch Autumn Series1st

Blue Peter Trophy 1st
Janes Cup Alpha Division 1st
Houghton Cup Alpha Div 1st
Cowes Week 3rd
Crouch Autumn Series 1st
Lakedale Trophy 1st

Round the Island Class II 1st
Cowes Week 8 x 1sts 1st
Purdy Challenge Cup 1st
The Albert Morrison Cup 1st
The Armitage Cup 1st
The Bathsheba Trophy 1st
Vanity Challenge Cup 1st
Conrad Oldham Cup 1st
Samuel White Cup 1st
Macnamara Bowl 2nd
Crouch Autumn Series 1st
Lakedale Trophy 1st

EAORA Class III 2nd o’all
EAORA Week Class III 2nd
Burnham Week 6 guns 1st o’all
The Croker Cup 1st
European Ferries Cup 1st
Wednesday Points 2nd
Crouch Autumn Series 1st
Lakedale Trophy 2nd

Solent Points Championship 1st
Cowes Week 3rd
Macnamara Bowl 2nd
Crouch Autumn Series 1st
Lakedale Trophy 1st